15 April 2009

Happy Birthday Joe Myer.

Its funny that u forgot its ur bday until ppl wished u on fb then u remember.


Happy Birthday also to my bestest aunty(chef of the family). Aunty Marianne Okilim.

U r like my 2nd mom and i lova ya!

I recently developed a weird habit. Which is?

Talk like a Filipino. Ask me why and i'm not sure also. Haha.

I just find it very interesting n a fren *gurangak* even told me i speak just like one.

I think i hap de pilipino blod :)

And. dont think that by using an anonymous nick name to comment ppl's blog

u'll go undetected coz na-ah. IT world is so the canggih. Like what happened to my fren Leo.

Click here and u'll know exactly what happened.

13 April 2009

I'm back!

I miss KK la :(

Ok i wanna introduce a newbie.
My sista from another mother. My ex-roomie. My bestgurl.

She just started blogging and her link: here.

She's the one in the middle. Pretty eh? And i also promise to introduce her new business: A Massage Parlour. But vonz i kinda forgot the name of your shop. So to all u KK peeps do drop by for a foot or body massage. The shop is located at Asia City COmplex(is that rite?) I let her elaborate more bout this.

So sorry for the long absence. I've been bz shopping!

30 January 2009

Henry is finally in love.

Picture & Article taken from

The economy situation worldwide is scary. Well at least Henry the Tuatara is happy.

Lindsay Hazley, of Southland Museum in New Zealand, announces that Henry - a 111-year-old reptile, known as a Tuatara - had become a father for the first time with the hatching of 11 offspring. Henry had been notoriously uninterested in sex and used to attack females until a cancerous growth was recently removed from his underside. He mated last March with Mildred, 31 years his junior.

Henry & Mildred, sitting on a tree, K I S S I N G.

Happy weekend people!!!

28 January 2009

So they think they can sing.

The people we meet in the workplace can be very interesting. sigh.

Here i am sitting in the midst of work, listening to my two cubicle neighbour's music.

Neighbour #1 VERY loud chinese songs, if i listen sumore my ears will start bleeding. Oow n he sings along too..mama help me.

Neighbour #2 VERY limited playlist. 2 songs only. Angels(Robbie Williams) & I can believe i can fly(R. Kelly?). She plays them everyday. Over & over & over again i will go crazy soon.

Sometimes i get tempted to CUT the freaking speaker cables.


26 January 2009

I love u KCP.

After 5 years in KL. Finally.

I found her. My favorite drink. KIT CHAI PING.

So far in KL they only sell KatChaSUiMui(blended assamboi drink) which i like a bit only because its quite bitter.

Where? K3K Kopitiam @ Damansara Perdana.

03 December 2008


Twilight & Edward Cullen.

Huhhhhh..My friend Debs told me about the book looong time ago but i usually dont really like Vampire stories. But after frens in KK told that this is a must watch movie, then i decided to check it out. It's a really nice love story with a twist. But i dont know whether guys would like or not but we girls really dig the actor/hero Edward Cullen. Our fairytale dreamguy :) .
After the movie, i read the first twilight saga book entitled 'Twilight'. A page turner i must say. I might fall in love with a vampire, that's how good the book is. I finished reading it in 2 days only. Now Book 2,3 & 4 is sold out all over Malaysia. Except for Sabah i heard. I really cannot wait to read the sequel, so debs, fast2 k u read :)

Sorry for the lack of update. Was & still bz figuring out how to lead my life.